Really interesting presentation of a significant research project related to social networks. Our social context mediates antecedents and consequences for our behavior in ways that can be both profound and subtle. Social networks are powerful tools that can help us be more successful, or help keep us from being successful. The implications for community health interventions are staggering, and we will not have enough effect in our interventions unless we implement strategies that positively affect our social networks across contexts.

Human behavior is a complicated phenomenon and is shaped by a person’s history, social and physical context (or environment). However, there are a few principles of behavior that allow us to create environments in which people are more (or less) successful. By taking a plan-full approach to improving the broader social and physical environment, we can create a context in which we all are more successful. Rather than doing the work ourselves, our approach is to build your capacity (and the capacity of your team) to be more successful in implementing these principles to achieve valued health outcomes by facilitating systems improvements. Although the majority of our interests relate to systems improvement for healthy adolescent development, we work with communities to facilitate improvements for a wide variety of outcomes ranging across the lifespan.